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Translation form not loading?

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On this first part we need some basic details of you, as name, were are you writting us from, your cost code and the email you want the document sent back to.

With those contact details were are normally able to send the invoice to the relevant department, but if we can't identify your account we will get in contact with you via the email you have provided.  



Please add your Cost Center Code (HHNFT and SHNFT), ICS or AIS Number (HCC), Purchase Order Number or similar if your organisation needs this reference for booking a service and billing

IMPORTANT: NHS, Children services and most public agencies NEED some sort of cost code.


If you dont provide it in your request you risk delays until we can contact you and get it, as we need it to be able to invoice your agency


Most of our clients (like Social Services or the NHS) work with our pre-approved standard rates. This means that on receipt of your document we can send it straight away to the translator and get the job going without delays. if we dont mention anything, you will always be charged at our standard price with no surprises.  

Even when you selected "Standard Rates" if we detect on reception its on an unusual format (like an Indesign flyer) or a rare language that would increase the standard cost, be assured we will ALWAYS contact you first to approve any extra expenses involved before getting your document translated. 

Some clients by the nature of their accounting procedures need a quote-per-job before starting. If this is your case click the relevant "Quote First" option and we will send you a quote and await your approval before sending your job to be translated.

Or, you can select quote if you simply need us to calculate and tell you the exact cost of your translation upfront. 



if you dont write your email properly, we wont be able to get back to you! 

By submiting a document (s) to be translated by us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of service. 

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