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LINGLAND Interpreters
Online Booking Form



Please add your Cost Center Code (HHNFT and SHNFT), ICS or AIS Number (HCC), Purchase Order Number or similar if your organisation needs this reference for booking a service and billing


Please tell us the language, date and time of the booking you need.


If your booking is face to face on the LOCATION field, please write the full location including the postcode.

If your booking is virtual please write on the location form your means of choice, (e.g. over the phone, or Microsoft Teams



Please add any other useful information or request you may have

  • The doctor, social worker, or teacher's name so the interpreter can ask for him/her on arrival

  • Your patient, user or clients name

  • If your patient is a minor, what initials should we use?


  • Any special cultural needs (do you need the interpreter to be a man or a woman?)

  • Any special disability needs?

  • Do we have to be there before the meeting, or on call wait?

  • Do you need to provide us a password, an account, or do we need to have a special software installed to connect?



On the first block please fill in the name, email, contact phone and details of the organisation under which this booking is done for future billing and coordination purposes.