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Our Services

Lingland is an Interpreting and Translations services provider based in Hampshire, UK.


We offer interpreting in person, via business videocall and over the phone, translation, transcribing, language identifying and advice on cultural awareness, localisation and creative terminology.


We are efficient, professional, reliable and flexible. Our service is available and our lines are open 24 hours a day. We have over 300 experienced interpreters and translators in 80 languages, based mainly in Hampshire, but available to travel all over the UK.


Our main clients include:

  • Hampshire County Council

  • Southampton City Council

  • Dorset County Council

  • Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

  • Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

  • Witness Care Units nationwide

  • Various police forces, prisons, solicitors and social services

INTERPRETING (spoken services)

Lingland offers interpreting services in over 80 languages and dialects.

We can interpret for you virtually via a phone, Teams or a Zoom appointment, or logging in to your own service of choice. We also offer experienced interpreters for conferences and community talks. 

We are the biggest interpreters community in Hampshire able to send you an interpreter for a face to face session. We can usually do this even at short notice under an emergency however we advice you book us in advance. We can also provide F2F services in the neighbouring counties and London. 

TRANSLATING (written services)

We offer translations for a very wide range of needs including all types of legal, health and social documents and reports, school menus, charity works, brochures and fliers.

Our work is crossed checked for accuracy and delivered under one of the most competitive prices in the UK. We strive to offer quick returns and our costs are proportional to the number of words contained in the document, with a very low minimum to commission the translation. We can usually complete the return in any format of your choice, including those in the adobe professional suite.

TRANSLATING (written services)
One size doesn't fit all

Our experience tells us that virtual versus face to face have clear pros and cons when translating for you. An interpreter can offer much more than just word-to-word interpreting between languages, he/she can be a key informer of subtle, cultural and informal signs that can help you understand whats happening beyond words, what could be worrying them or under what context could your message be missunderstood.


These interpreting skills could prove invaluable to identify and bridge obstacles, offering real communication and trust with your client. 

As a general guideline Virtual Interpreting will be your best option when:

  • You need to arrange a pannel of proffesional and clients in diferent and far locations

  • When you just need to communicate a new message to the client over an ongoing subject you have previously discussed. 

  • When you need to ask any routine questions or offer an update of an ongoing procedure. 

However we would always recommend a face to face session when reading the body language, understanding the cultural bridge and offering emotional support is essential to the development of the conversation and the cooperation of your client.

  • When dealing with minors, sensitive medical or legal cases were it may be difficult for the client or patient to feel at ease to ask questions or participate in an open conversation.

  • When you are in the opening stages of an investigation and you need to bridge communication with the client in order to earn his or her trust to understand the facts.

  • When you need to communicate sensitive information, like a death, a worrying medical result, or a sentence. 


Our best advice to you is to get directly in touch, explain your needs and we will use our experience to offer you a bespoke solution and advice.

We also recommend to book our services as soon as you know you will need them, to ensure we can provide you with the best interpreter for your specific needs and ensure his or her calendar is cleared and booked for your required date and time. 





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