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Working with Lingland

Lingland works together with a network of self-employed collaborators. Many of them are long standing friends and great professionals who have been working with us for years, but we are always welcoming new faces growing and learning with us. 

If you are interested in joining our community, please fill in the form and send us your credentials. We will be in touch with you asap, and if your application is successful we will induct you in our companies ways and ethos, support and enhance your skills and add you to our work rota. In turn you can decide if you will work over videocalls or face to face (or a mix), the schedule when you will be available, and what jobs you are confident or not yet with.


Due to the expansion of our business, we especially need interpreters and translators in the following languages: Tamil, Pashto, Kurdish, Gujarati, Tigrinya, Greek and Ukrainian. We also look out to have a balanced gender and experience mix in any language to suit specific client’s needs. 


Our pay rates include mileage and public transport, we pay a minimum of one hour service, and you will receive a bank payment in 24hrs after you have completed any session.

Please fill in this application and we will get back to you asap. 

What roles are you applying for?
Have you, or are you...

Thanks for submitting your application. We will contact you asap and if we require your services we will ask you for a full CV.

Team Lingland


Our interpreters work with many government institutions and will develop skills interpreting for Social Workers and Health Services. In the private sector most work is done with charities and legal bussiness.

Some sessions will be over a videocall and you can deliver from home, for others we will need the interpreter to drive to the meeting and attend in person.


We will oversee this is a steady progression for you to gain experience and that you are assigned tasks you are confident to handle. You will always have the right to approve or decline to commit to any session.



Translating includes a very specific set of skills that can be developed working from home. 

We will need you to pay attention to detail, be very organised and methodical, and to return documents translated in a short window of time.

When documents are not over a Word document our admin team will support you to deliver in other formats, including inDesign and other publishing standards. We will also induct you in the use of specific sector formats and templates should you need them for your assignment.

In turn translating work is paid reasonably well with a minimum payment for starting any task regardless of its length. 

Other Supporting Services


if you want to make us an offer on other services related to our language service bussines e.g as a graphic design freelancer feel free to use the form, or send us an email with your proposal to info AT 

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